Roving Reporters

This page will be populated by our 'Roving Reporter' children who will be posting blogs about school life at Outwood Primary Academy Lofthouse Gate.

Keep checking back for updates!

Peer Mediators

Peer Mediators are the lovely people that wear green caps and yellow bibs at break-time. They will help you if you have a fall out with your friend(s), but don’t worry – they’ll be in the playground all break-time and lunchtime so you’ll have plenty of time to tell them your problems!

They will help you with your problem by using the LEAF method:
L is for listen – we will listen to your problem;
E is for emotion – we will listen to how you feel;
A is for agreement – we will help you sort out an agreement
F is for Follow-up – we will follow-up your problem.

The Peer Mediators team members are:


These are you Peer Mediators and they are here to help you!

Muisc by Anya Mason, 3H

In our music lessons in Year 3, we have been learning about the pentatonic scale (a musical scale with 5 notes in it). The whole class have enjoyed these lessons and have used some of our new musical instruments.
In other news, our school choirs are up and running and our Christmas concerts are coming up soon!

Anglo Saxons by Ruby Evans, 5W

In Year 5, we have been learning about the Anglo-Saxon times.

My favourite part was learning about what they wore. We all made brooches out of clay too and used a stencil to make it circular. These were then decorated with extra bits of clay that we stuck together with water before being painted with bright colours. We used the colours red, yellow, green and brown as these were the colours that they would have used from their surroundings in Anglo-Saxon times.

Pumpkin Carve Off by Hannah Cockell, 5T

This week, people have been carving pumpkins to bring to school for a competition.

On Friday 23rd October (which is the day of the Halloween Disco) they will be lit up in the entrance hall. There have been lots of amazing designs, including: faces, ghosts, Disney characters and lots more!

The pumpkins will be judged today and the winner will be announced to the whole school on Friday.

All the pumpkins look really good and people have put a lot of effort in, using their own time to carve them.

Brilliant Bench Ball by Joshua Oldroyd

In the most spectacular and most tense bench-ball tournament ever, there was a mass of 10 teams in total; both Lofthouse Gate and Kirkhamgate had 3 teams each and both Newton Hill and Ledger Lane had 2 teams. It was fun to watch and play as there was so much to see – the matches were so, so close!

A win was 5 points, a draw was 3 points and a loss was worth 1 point. After successful group matches, all 3 Lofthouse Gate teams qualified for the play-offs.

Playing for 5th and 6th were Lofthouse Gate 3 and Newton Hill 2; it was such a close game but Lofthouse 3 just lost 3-1. Playing for 3rd and 4th were Lofthouse 2 and Ledger Lane 1; the game was extremely close but in the dying seconds of the game we scored to win 3-2, securing 3rd place. Finally, playing for 1st and 2nd place, were Lofthouse Gate 1 and Newton Hill 1; Lofthouse 1 emphatically defeated their opposition 6-1. Consequently, they came 1st and were awarded the trophy.